We recently ran a post about a recent survey that showed a full 50% of companies still believe that technology risk is not business risk. In all practicality, this could not be further from the truth. With the ever increasing and rapid adoption of technology across the globe, technology is inherent to all businesses. In even the most analog businesses, technology is entwined in day-to-day operations. If you use programs to communicate with your team, connect with customers or handle sensitive data of any form, protecting your data is a vital part of your business plan. The volume of data being created, captured, copied, and consumed worldwide is set to double over the next three years, increasing the importance of this concept. One of the foundational elements we reinforce with our customers is that running a good business means running a safe business. It is important to understand that you have a responsibility to your team and to your customers, operating your business in a way that keeps them secure. To accomplish this, you must protect the data entrusted to you, shore up vulnerabilities, and stay future-focused on technological changes that impact how you serve your customers. By doing this, you show your team that you are supporting them, you can assure your customers that you are keeping their data safe, and ultimately, you are protecting the hard work that has been done to build your company. Bottom line: You are a technology business. It is critical to understand that importance.

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