SOC as a Service

Simply put: Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) + Managed Services and Expertise = SOC-as-a-Service


Our SOC-as-a-Services Solutions

BAMCIS Cybersecurity brings a world-class managed detection and response solution to market with its Security Operations Center-as-a-Service offering. Leveraging FortiSIEM – Fortinet’s multivendor SIEM solution, BAMCIS Cybersecurity harnesses the power of one of the top tools in the industry to provide visibility into its customers’ devices and infrastructure in real time, providing cross correlation and applying machine learning and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), improving response time and stopping breaches before they occur.

Key Benefits

  • 24×7 Monitoring – sleep better at night knowing that our security analysts are ever watchful on your enterprise.
  • Cost Savings – building a SIEM/SOC solution is expensive. Leverage our services to gain back your security budget.
  • Threat Validation – we don’t “toss tickets over the wall.” We make sure that each threat is valid prior to engage.
  • Incident Response – if a threat is detected, our team works with yours to understand the threat and remediate the issue.
  • Threat Intelligence – new threats are created and old threats evolve every hour of every day. Our services are fed from multiple threat intelligence feeds that keep your enterprise protected.
  • Valuable Reporting – we provide you with timely reporting that supports your cybersecurity strategy and operations.
  • Compliance – we provide a daily compliance review of all security incidents, tracking and logging each review so you can have the audit data at your fingertips.

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