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BAMCIS Cybersecurity provides a full range of consulting services, including cyber risk, cloud security, and security program services.


Our Cybersecurity Consutling

Cyber Risk Management

All organizations use technology, making cyber risk the predominant risk to the business. Effectively understanding your organization’s business factors, how technology facilitates them, and the resulting risk is where BAMCIS Cybersecurity’s consultants bring critical value to you. Below are a few of the areas of Cyber Risk Management that we address:

  • Creation of a cyber risk program
  • Integrating your cyber risk program with your enterprise risk function
  • Creation and implementation of a cyber risk governance
  • Cyber risk management program assessment and tune-up

Virtual/Fractional CISO

Do you find that your organization needs strategic guidance on cybersecurity and cyber risk but you just aren’t ready to add the extra headcount? Let our seasoned experts engage with your leadership and IT teams to provide best practice guidance on translating your business and technology risk into sound cybersecurity practices and controls

Cyber Resilience

No matter the challenge, BAMCIS Cybersecurity believes that a resilient business is one that not only survives tough times but thrives despite them. Envisioning and creating a cyber-resilient organization requires a strategy and culture that is aligned throughout the organization. BAMCIS Cybersecurity excels at providing insight and expertise in the following areas:

  • Introduction and ongoing literacy for the Board of Directors (BoD) in developing and maintaining cyber resilience oversight and governance
  • Advisory, development assistance, and governance development of cyber resilience for the C-Suite (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CISO)
  • Consultative development and ongoing support of cyber resilience program initiatives throughout the organization

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