There are two significant and impactful hinderances to the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) industry today. The first is  how services are provided to the customer. The second is the cybersecurity skills gap. In this post, I will cover each one and what BAMCIS Cybersecurity is doing about it.

For an industry that is relatively young, Managed Security Services has a reputation. That reputation is one of distance and being unapproachable. You deal with a nameless and faceless organization that doesn’t understand your business. When you do need something, you are are relegated to their portal, where an anonymous person will get to your request at their convenience. Let’s face it, the current MSSP industry players are outmoded and out of touch. The answer is taking a “voice of the customer” approach. At BAMCIS Cybersecurity, we have countered the bad industry orthodoxy by organizing ourselves into small teams. This allows us to provide a personal connection, learning your business through its people. You will know who to contact when you need help because you will know them personally and by name. We are there to proactively serve your business and keep it secure. And, being Veteran-owned and operated, BAMCIS will bring the dedicated, efficient service needed to keep your business ahead of threats – so you can operate in opportunity.

The cybersecurity skills gap gets lots of attention. Unfortunately, no one seems to be doing anything meaningful about it. As a responsible business, BAMCIS feels like we need to do something about it. We are committed to growing the world of cyber. For our entire organization, from our analysts, through the marketing team, and into our leadership, we train growing minds so they can learn the latest practices in cybersecurity while also learning the BAMCIS method of cyber safety. We believe in making careers in cybersecurity accessible, and through our BAMCIS Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program, we guide participants to develop their skills and start a rewarding career in cybersecurity.

It is a basic premise of military service: When something is not working, you make the changes necessary to make it right. In putting personal service at the center of what we do and growing the world of cyber, we are continually working to change the MSSP industry for the better.

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