A Rewarding Career in Cybersecurity is Closer than You Think

Learn How to Offer Protection, Security, and Safety to People Who Need It

BAMCIS is working to define expert Cybersecurity-as-a-Service and provide businesses with cost-effective, personalized solutions they can rely on.  

Our Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program was created to teach people like you how to do the same, and help fill the “Cybersecurity Skills Gap” present in today’s workforce.

Begin a high demand career with the potential for high pay and the potential to make a difference.

There are over 500,000 U.S. cyber job openings.

That number doesn’t account for the hundreds of thousands of outdated systems and unreliable services. 

The internet is an integral part of any business, and the U.S. has a shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Our lack of workforce adaptivity means that millions of people currently have private information at stake. 

Business owners are looking for security they can trust when it matters most. 

BAMCIS offers cybersecurity service as unique, innovative, and adaptable as the online world we now rely on.

No more cookie cutter security platforms… we work with companies small and large to find the solution they need, and we bring the right people and tools to deliver.

Become part of the solution.


Formed in 2014 to help businesses advance their cybersecurity and IT services, the team recognized a high market demand for quality service, a lack of qualified cybersecurity applicants, and critical problems in the traditional cybersecurity industry standard.

Moved to make a change in the industry, the BAMCIS Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program was born.

In the BAMCIS Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program you will:

  • Learn how to provide disciplined, custom-tailored customer solutions for businesses small and large.
  • Work with small, close teams of seasoned experts offering industry-relevant solutions across the board.
  • Be exposed to the four pillars of effective cybersecurity: Leadership, Governance, Operations, and Tools.
  • Get experience providing security in a range of technology-dependent fields. We cover:
    • Healthcare
    • Online Stores
    • Government
    • Financial

Most importantly, you’ll be an active part in providing people peace of mind.

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