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Founded in 2014, BAMCIS was originally created to provide strategic cybersecurity and IT advisory services to organizations that were looking to improve on their cybersecurity maturity and undertake IT transformation. As the advisory journey progressed and through intense market research, it became clear that cybersecurity services were going to be in high demand as the industry progressed.

Early in 2016, the team at BAMCIS Cybersecurity performed a research study, evaluating the state of qualified cybersecurity applicants relative to the number of positions open and its impact on the services market. The situation is commonly known today as the “Cybersecurity Skills Gap.” As of early 2020, the gap sits at 500,000 open positions in the United States alone, with projections of 3.5 million worldwide by 2021. This situation leaves growing businesses with a tough decision on how to approach their cybersecurity.


Our Approach to Security & Prevention

BAMCIS Cybersecurity comes at the problem of critical cybersecurity services in a different way than what has become the industry standard. There are risks abound for every organization today. Being online and connected is a foundational aspect of doing business in modern times. The traditional cybersecurity industry has done a disservice to its customers. It continues to chase the “silver bullet” security tool that they say can solve all your security problems in one fell swoop. Big development budgets and even bigger marketing dollars convince decision-makers that they virtually have no choice but to buy the product or their organization will be the next big security breach in the news.

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